5 Powerful Tips to Get the Job From Dribbble (First Tips is Very Important!)

June 18, 2018

Illustration from Dan Cederholm

Dribbble is a great design community. In Dribbble, you can share your best work. There is something interesting about Dribbble, that is you have the potential to get a new job from the job vacancy in Dribbble.

And if you are a new player in Dribbble and want to get a job through Dribbble, then you need to read this article to complete.

1. Make an Interesting Design

Creating an attractive design is the main thing in Dribbble (I think). With the content and interesting design of course to make the audience become interested in our design.

Do not forget to create an interesting thumbnail. My suggestion is to make the content informative and complete, and create interesting and unique thumbnails. This can increase the number of views on the shot made.

2. Consistent In Uploading Design

The second tip is to create a design and publish it consistently. Do not be inconsistent. Determine the design theme you want to create, and try to be consistent in the theme.

For example you choose to create UI design theme, then try to focus on making UI design. Do not make your fans and prospective clients confused with your ever-changing capabilities.

But if you have many skills (eg UI design, icon design, branding) then try to create a schedule. For example every Monday, you create a design about icons, on Tuesday you make UI design, and Wednesday you make branding.

3. Post on Time

Try using a marketing strategy, one of which is to upload the design on time. From the information I get, the best time to upload designs in Dribbble is between 9:40 am - 12pm EST. With such a strategy, chances are you will get an audience from Europe first, then America.

4. Share Your Design!

After you uploading your design in Dribbble, the important think is you have to share your design into the world.

You can using many social media like Facebook, Twitter, or something like that. Tell to everyone that you just making something good stuff.

5. Try to Apply in Many Job Opportunity

Yeah, at least you have to apply to various job openings in Dribbble. For those of you who just play in Dribbble, it is very difficult to get a job offer, but try to approach the existing job vacancy. Use every opportunity you have.

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