How to Get $1000 From Upwork (Powerful Tips)

June 18, 2018

Upwork is the best freelancing website that we can use to work with many clients form arround the world.

I'm actually using Upwork from 1 years ago, and yeah it's amazing!

And in this article I will discuss about how to get $1000 from Upwork.

1. Make Your Profile Become Complete

The first thing you need to do is to complete your profile, why? Because when a prospective client sees a cover letter, he or she will usually see the profile.

So, please complete the profile, use interesting sentences in the overview, also complete the portfolio, skill, and profile photos.

And do not forget to follow the test in Upwork so that you get the trust of the prospective client that you are a reliable worker.

2. Do Not Be Greed When Apply

In Upwork has a system called "Connects", where the connects are used to apply to various jobs in Upwork.

And every month we will be given 60 connects. So per day we can spend 1 connects to apply for job in Upwork. Of course we must be selective in choosing the right job.

If you are a person who has never got a job in Upwork then be careful in choosing, make sure you carefully to your prospective client, if the prospective client is convinced, then try to apply.

3. Becareful When Making Cover Letter

Be professional. If you want to apply in Upwork, then use a cover letter that is unique and interesting. Try not to always copy-paste cover letter.

Make a cover letter as needed. And do not give up, because according to experience, usually our job application will fail tens or even hundreds of times when first playing in Upwork.

4. Do not Put The Price Too Low

Indeed, all the people on average like the cheap, but if we put a price that is too cheap on our service, even dropped the market price, then you should not.

Use logic and be rational, pay attention to market prices about services in the field you focus on. Measure your ability to be equivalent to the price of your services.

5. Have Personal Portfolio Website

Having a personal website is an important thing to start a freelance. With a personal website, you prospective clients will increasingly believe in you that you are a professional.

So, try to create a personal website. If you can not coding, then you can use a product called Startup, a product that can create a website (HTML template) by using drag and drop technology.

For more information about Startup, you can click this link: Startup Framework

6. Be Patient

At the beginning of playing in Upwork, it feels tiring. It's very hard to get the first client, but try to be patient.

A lot of my friends who have experienced playing in Upwork, they say it is true that at the beginning of playing in Upwork will be rather difficult to find the first client.

Try promoting yourself and fighting until you get $1000 from Upwork!

This article was inspired by Dwindy Stanza

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